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Shannon Memorial Lecture

To commemorate the achievements of Claude Elwood Shannon, an endowed lectureship has been established at the University of California, San Diego.
Each year an outstanding information theorist is selected to present the Shannon Memorial Lecture on or about Shannon's birthday (April 30th).

Speaker Lecture Date
Robert Calderbank Remembering Shannon October 10, 2016
Michael Luby A Shannon-like Approach to Reliable Distributed Storage December 1, 2015
Rudiger L. Urbanke Polar Codes versus Spatially Coupled Codes May 1, 2014
Abbas El Gamal Networks with Point-to-point Codes May 1, 2013
Shlomo Shamai Gaussian Interference Channels: An Information-Estimation Perspective May 3, 2012
Thomas Cover Shannon and the St. Petersburg Paradox Sep 19, 2011
Andrew Viterbi Markov, Wiener and Shannon: A Progression Apr 30, 2010
Robert M. Gray Shannon Source Coding, Ornstein Isomorphism and Random Process Models Apr 21, 2009
Sergio Verdú Information Theory and Minimum Mean-Square Estimation Apr 30, 2008
Giuseppe Caire MIMO Downlink: Theory, Practice and Some Results Apr 30, 2007
Alexander Vardy Multivariate Interpolation Decoding: Closing the Gap Between Shannon and Hamming Apr 30, 2007
Alon Orlitsky Information Theory and Probability Estimation Apr 30, 2007
Erik Ordentlich Coding for 2D Constraints Apr 30, 2007
Richard E. Blahut Demodulation Meets Signal Processing: Two-Dimensional Information Theory Apr 26, 2006
Robert McEliece Are there Turbo-Codes on Mars? Apr 29, 2005
Lloyd R. Welch Hidden Markov Models and the Baum-Welch Algorithm Apr 30, 2004
Toby Berger Information Theory and Real Neural Nets May 5, 2003
  Shannon Symposium and Dedication Oct 15-16, 2001