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Shannon Fellowship

Left to right, Dr. Andrew Viterbi, Prof. Jack Wolf, and Ehsan Ardestanizadeh

Professor Jack Keil Wolf, holder of the Stephen O. Rice Chair in the Center for Memory and Recording Research at UCSD, has established a new endowment fund called the Shannon Graduate Fellowship Fund. The purpose of this endowed fellowship is to honor an outstanding graduate student at UCSD whose research is in the field of information theory. The naming of the fund is to commemorate the achievements of the late Claude E. Shannon, a Bell Labs mathematician who in 1948 originated the “information theory” on which the fundamental principles of digital telecommunications and information storage are based. The income from the endowment will be used to fund a graduate fellowship that well be awarded annually. The selection of the Shannon Fellow will be announced at the CMRR Shannon Memorial Lecture which is held annually on Claude Shannon’s birthday, April 30th.


Paolo Minero - April 2008
Yuzhe Jin - April 2009
Ehsan Ardestanizadeh - April 2010
Hessam Mahdavitar - September 2011
Jayadev Acharya - May 2012

Lele Wang - May 2013

Ananda Theertha Suresh – May 2014

Veeresh Taranalli - December 2015

Joseph Connelly - October 2016