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Research Highlights

Research Topic Researcher(s) Publication
Channel Models for Multi-Level Cell Flash Memories Based on Empirical Error Analysis Veeresh Taranalli, Hironori Uchikawa, and Paul H. Siegel

CMRR Report 46,

Fall 2016

Elucidating the Phase Transformation of Li4Ti5O12 Lithiation at the Nanoscale Michael G. Verde, Loic Baggetto, Nina Balke, Gabriel M. Veith, Joon Kyo Seo, Ziying Wang, and Ying Shirley Meng CMRR Report 45, Spring 2016
Near Contact Thermal Flying Height Control in Hard Disk Drives Liane M. Matthes, Bernhard E. Knigge, Raymond A. de Callafon, and Frank E. Talke CMRR Report 44, Fall 2015
Magnetic Vortices: Controlled Dynamic Switching of the Curl Made Fast and Energy-Efficient Vojtech Uhlir, Michal Urbanek, Peter Fischer, Tomas Sikola, and Eric Fullerton

CMRR Report 43,

Spring 2015

Memcomputing: Computing with and in Memory Massimiliano Di Ventra, Fabio Traversa, and Yuriy V. Pershin

CMRR Report 42,

Fall 2014

Enhancing Spontaneous Emission Rates of Molecules Using Nanopatterned Multilayer Hyperbolic Metamaterials Dylan Lu, Jimmy J. Kan, Eric E. Fullerton, and Zhaowei Liu

CMRR Report 41,

Spring 2014

Vitaliy Lomakin

CMRR Report 40,

Fall 2013

Engineering Materials for All Optical Magnetic Recording Stephane Mangin CMRR Report 39, Spring 2013
Quantized Iterative Message Passing Decoders with Low Error Floor for LDPC Codes Xiaojie Zhang and Paul Siegel CMRR Report Number 38, Fall 2012
Laboratory for Energy Storage and Conversion Shirley Meng CMRR Report Number 37, Winter 2012
X-ray’s as a Magnetic Nano-Probe Ash Tripathi, Jyoti Mohanty, Sebastian Dietze, Sang-Soo Kim, Ian McNulty, Erik Shipton, Eric Fullerton and Oleg Shpyrko CMRR Report Number 36, Summer 2011
Chemical Vapor Deposition of Transition-metal Nanostructures Keith Chan, Chris Doran, Jimmy Kan and Eric Fullerton CMRR Report Number 35, Winter 2011
FastMag: Fast Micromagnetic Solver for Large-Scale Simulations R. Chang, S. Li, M.V. Lubarda, B. Livshitz, and V. Lomakin CMRR Report Number 34, Summer 2010
Servo Signal Data Processing for Flying Height Control in Hard Disk Drives Uwe Boettcher, Raymond A. de Callafon, and Frank E. Talke CMRR Report Number 33, Winter 2010
Transient Slider-Disk Contacts in the Presence of Spherical Contamination Particles Andrey Ovcharenko, Ming Yang, Kaynam Chun, and Frank E. Talke CMRR Report Number 33, Winter 2010
Enhanced Magnetic Properties of Bit Patterned Magnetic Recording Media by Trench-Filled Nanostructure Edward Chulmin Choi, Daehoon Hong, Young Oh, Leon Chen, Sy-Hwang Liou, and Sungho Jin CMRR Report Number 32, Summer 2009
Error Correction Coding for Flash Memories Eitan Yaakobi, Jing Ma, Adrian Caulfield, Laura Grupp, Steven Swanson, Paul H. Siegel, and Jack K. Wolf CMRR Report Number 31, Winter 2009
Modeling, Servo Control and Motion Planning for High Track Density Recording Raymond de Callafon CMRR Report Number 30, Summer 2008
Spin Transfer Torques in High Anisotropy Magnetic Nanostructures Eric Fullerton, Jordan Katine, Stephane Mangin, Yves Henry, and Dafine Ravelosona CMRR Report Number 29, Winter 2008
Writing and Reading on Patterned Media Jack K. Wolf CMRR Report Number 28, Summer 2007
Micromagnetics of Composite Patterned Media Boris Livshitz, Vitaliy Lomakin, Akihiro Inomata, and H. Neal Bertram CMRR Report Number 27, Winter 2007
Simulation and Testing of the Head Disk Interface for Discrete Track Media Maik Duwensee, D.E. Lee, and Frank E. Talke CMRR Report Number 26, Summer 2006
Patterned Media Based on Soft/Hard Composite Nanowire Array of Ni/CoPt Andrew I. Gapin, X.R. Ye, Joseph F. Aubuchon, L.H. Chen, and Sungho Jin CMRR Report Number 25, Winter 2006
Secure Bulk Erasure of High Coercivity Magnetic Media Fred Spada and Peter Shchupak CMRR Report Number 24, Summer 2005
A Tensor-Product Parity Code for Magnetic Recording Panu Chaichanavong and Paul H. Siegel CMRR Report Number 23, Summer 2004
Analysis of DC Noise in Thin Film Media Marcus Marrow and H. Neal Bertram CMRR Report Number 22, Winter 2004
CMRR’s Project on Intelligent Disk Drive Storage Systems (“iStor”) and the “Secure Erasure” Project Gordon Hughes CMRR Report Number 21, Summer 2003
Magnetic Behavior in Thin Films Geofrey Beach CMRR Report Number 20, Fall 2002