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CMRR Spring Research Review - May 18-19, 2017

CMRR Spring 2017 Research Review Registration Form


CMRR holds two Research Reviews each year. Attendance is limited to CMRR Members and Invited Guests. Contact Iris Villanueva (858) 534-6196, for detailed information.

These Reviews provide opportunity for data storage technologists from CMRR's sponsor companies to meet each other, and an opportunity to meet the CMRR students. The CMRR Advisory Council composed of a representative from each sponsor company, also meets at this time to provide feedback on research projects.

Presentations are given to sponsor technologists on CMRR research in recording channels, head and disk magnetic materials and characterization, the mechanics and tribology of disk and tape drives, high-speed high-resolution instrumentation, and recording physics.

The Research Review presentations are available on this web site to members of CMRR's sponsor companies at: Sponsor Resources. Access to this page requires a username and password.