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  • 2014 Shultz Prize Winners: Minghai Qin & Runian Chang

  • CMRR Report Spring 2014

  • 2014 Spring Research Review Poster Winners: Nasim Eibagi & Karcher Morris

  • Richard Choi - Qualcomm FMA Fellowship Winner

  • Polarity of Light Contributes to Switching of Magnetic Memory Bits

  • Lasers could make hard drives faster, simpler and higher density

Welcome to CMRR - Exploring tomorrow's information storage systems today

CMRR was established at UC San Diego in 1983 to advance the state-of-the-art in information storage technology and to produce highly trained graduate students and postdoctoral professionals for the data storage industry. Pursuing a dynamic, interdisciplinary program of cutting-edge research defined in cooperation with government agencies and industry partners, the Center's faculty, researchers, and students continue to push the frontiers of scientific knowledge and engineering technology to meet society's ever-increasing need for high-performance, reliable, and secure information storage systems.

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