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Center for Memory and Recording Research
Formerly known as Center for Magnetic Recording Research

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CMRR supports a program of leading-edge, interdisciplinary research, covering the broad range of scientific and engineering areas fundamental to information storage technology and systems. Contributing to these research activities are faculty, researchers, graduate students, and undergraduate students affiliated with UCSD Engineering, Physics, Nanoengineering, and the Graduate School of International Relations and Pacific Studies. The latter studies the business aspects of the data storage industry, complementing our technology studies and houses the Information Storage Industry Center (ISIC).

Research Areas

The center supports five endowed professorial chairs. Research programs address fundamental problems in nanoscale storage technology, including:

  • recording physics and micromagnetics,
  • nano-patterned magnetic materials and structures,
  • mechanical interfaces and tribology,
  • servo control systems,
  • signal-processing techniques,
  • error-control coding.
Related projects explore storage mechanisms based upon novel nano-structures, optical holography, and spintronic materials.
System-level research topics include object-based storage paradigms, “intelligent” storage devices, and data security.

Faculty, Researchers and Affiliates



Research Affiliates

Prof. Prabhakar R. Bandaru - Nano-materials for magnetic, semiconductor, optical, and MEMS/NEMS devices

Prof. Raymond de Callafon - Dynamic Modeling and Servo Technology

Assoc. Prof. Renkun Chen - Materials and devices for thermal energy conversion, storage and management

Dr. Shane Cybart - Electric Field Controlled Magnetism Using Multiferroic and Magnetic Oxides

Prof. Massimiliano Di Ventra - Electronic and Transport Properties of Nanoscale Systems

Prof. Kai Liu - Nanostructured materials for nanomagnetism, spin-transport, and advanced energy explorations

Assoc Prof. Ping Liu - Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage Applications

Assoc. Prof. Zhaowei Liu - Nanoscale Photonics, Nanostructured Materials, and Plasmonics

Adjt. Prof. Vlado A. Lubarda - Mechanics of Solids and Materials

Asst. Prof. Shirley Meng - Energy Storage and Conversion Materials

Prof. Lu Jeu Sham - Condensed Matter Theory

Asst. Prof. Oleg Shpyrko - Nanoscale Dynamics and Structure of Materials

Prof. Steven Swanson - Non-Volatile, Solid-State Memory

Prof. Dimitri Basov - Infrared Spectroscopy of Novel Electronic and Magnetic Materials

Prof. Shaya Fainman - Applied optics and photonics

Prof. Sunil Sinha - Condensed Matter Physics by X-ray and Neturon Scattering

Prof. Alexander Vardy - Coding for storage systems, including disk drives and flash memories

Assoc Prof. Oscar Vazquez Mena - Atomic Two-Dimensional Materials, Nanomaterials for Solar Energy Harvesting, Nanobiosensing and Micromedical Devices

Dr. Eitan Yaakobi - – Information and Coding Theory With Applications to Non-Volatile Memories, Associative Memories, Data Storage and Retrieval, and Voting Theory

Former CMRR Research Members