Renkun Chen

Assistant Professor

  • Thermal energy transport, conversion, storage, and management across different length scales
  • Developing nanostructured materials and devices for thermal to electrical energy conversion
  • Studying fundamental transport physics of charge and heat carriers (electrons, phonons and photons) at micro and nano scale
  • Developing materials and systems for aplications in solar-thermal energy conversion, thermal energy storage, and thermal management

Prof. Renkun Chen joined the UCSD faculty in November 2009. Chen received his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering at the UC, Berkeley, where his research in Prof. Arun Majumdar group (now at Stanford) was focused on nanoscale thermal energy conversion. Subsequently, Chen continued working as a post-doctoral fellow at Berkeley, where he investigated nanoscale phonon transport physics.

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Postdoctoral Researcher

Name: Dr. Chulmin Choi (Edward)

Graduate Students

Name: Chin-Hung Isaac Liu

Name: Chad Dong Won Chun

Name: Elizabeth Caldwell

Name: Paul Duyoung Choi

Name: Young-Jin Kim

Name: Calvin Garder

Name: Justin Taekyoung Kim

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