Lake Arrowhead Workshops on Data Storage

The Lake Arrowhead workshops were held from the early 1980's to 2004. Each year, a group of technologists were invited to discuss topics of contemporary interest in magnetic recording and information storage in an open, interactive workshop setting. Unlike most conferences, formal presentations were de-emphasized, and free interactive discussion was encouraged. Attendees were enthusiastic about the value of the workshop. Prepared papers were not necessary, and were in fact discouraged. The talks ended with a foil listing problems and new work required. The workshop motto was, "Let no foil go unchallenged."

Workshop topics included:

  • High Density Recording, Spin Torque Switching Magnetic Materials (2004)
  • Nanometer Spacings, Alternative Media, Future of Servos and Tracking (2003)
  • Tribology & Instrumentation (2002)
  • Perpendicular Recording - The 2nd Time Around (2001, 2003)
  • Tbit/in2 Recording Design Points and Channels (2000)
  • Channel Detection Techniques (1999, 2000)
  • Areal Demo Race Demo Rules (1999)
  • Ultra Narrow Tracks (1998)
  • MR Head Developments (1995, 2000)
  • Low Flying Height Systems (1994)
  • Smallest Possible Disk Drives (1992)
  • Crackpot Recording Systems (1991)

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