CMRR Equipment Lab Room
Standalone HDD - Stand alone HDD with embedded software support for servo and seek profile testing. This equipment has a custom made PCB to interface with the GMR head and VCM to read and decode PES, perform closed-lopp experiments and adjust feedback control and the feedforward profiles for the servo actuator. de Calafon 2A
Standalone LTO4 (tape) Drives - Stand alone LTO4 (tape) Drives with embedded software support for servo control testing. This equipment was donated by Quantum and HP to read and decode PES stored in different servo bands on LTO tape. In addition, we can inject our own reference and control signals for closed-loop identification purposes of actuator dynamics and implement algorithms to improve data tracking. de Calafon 2A
Spinstand with air bearing motor - Spinstand with air bearing motor. This spinstand is used for dynamic testing of dual-stage HDD actuators by measuring actuator movements via an LDV. Along with a real-time OS stored on an external PC we can also implemenent feedback controllers to improve dual-stage actuation servo bandwidth or reduce residual vibration in HDD suspension via high-speed feedback of instrumented suspension signals. de Calafon 2A
Pacific Nanotechnology Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) Talke 3A
Video Contact Angle System VCA 2500 XE (AST Products) Talke 3A
Scanning Reflectance Analyzer (SRA) HDI Talke 3A
Dimension 3000 AFM Nanoscope III Talke 3A
Tribo-indenter (Hysitron) Tribo-scratch Talke 3A
Laser Doppler Vibrometer (LDV) PSV-400 (Polytech) Talke 3H
3-D Laser Doppler Vibrometer (LDV) CLV 3000 (Polytech) Talke 3H
Disk Head Tester (DHT) (Micro Physics) Talke 3H
Raman Spectrometer Renishaw Ramascope Talke 3H