Research Review

CMRR Fall 2019 Research Review - October 17-18, 2019.

Spring 2019 Research Review Program
WEDNESDAY - March 13, 2019
8:30 AM    Continental Breakfast at CMRR Lobby
8:55 AM   Welcome and Introduction
9:00 AM   Tribology, Mechanics and Medical Device Technology  -  Professor Frank Talke
                 Voltage biasing and nano corrosion - Tan Trinh
                Repeatable Runout of Glass Disks in Air, Vacuum, and Helium - Qin Zhao and Zijian Zeng                 
                Reliability studies of the HAMR head disk interface  -  Tan Trinh
                Current progress on the Design of an Intraocular Pressure Sensor  -  Phuong Truong
10:00 AM    10 MINUTE BREAK                         
10:10 AM   Internet Enabled Optical Handheld Reader for an Interferometric Pressure Sensor - Alex Phan and Buu Truong
                 Design and implementation of an esophageal deflection device - Karcher Morris and Dora Trieu                
                 Designing a detachable bronchoscope  -  Matthew Kohanfars and Yu Li                                                                                                       
               Biofilm Retardent Uninary Catheter  -  Oren Gotlib         
11:15 AM   Signal Processing & Coding                                            Professor Paul Siegel
             Hybridized Staircase Scheme for Asymmetric Compound Channels -  Karthik Nagarjuna Tunuguntula
             Polarization Behavior for a Family of Large Kernels - Wei Wu
             On the Capacity of Flash Memory Channel with Inter-cell Interference - Yonglong Li
             Phase-Functioned Neural Network for Bad Page Detection in NAND Flash Memory  - Yi Liu
             Correcting Errors in Sets of Unordered DNA Strands - Andreas Lenz
12:40 PM   LUNCH - CMRR Lobby
1:40 PM  New Affiliate, Assistant Research Scientist Hailong Wang
                Spin Current Transmission Mediated by Antiferromagnetic Materials - Hailong Wang
2:00 PM    Memory System Design with Emerging Technology       Asst Professor Jishen Zhao
                 String Figure: A Scalable and Elastic Memory Network Architechture -  Matheus Ogleari
                Processing-in-Memory for Energy-efficient Neural Network Training: A Heterogeneous Approach -  Hengyu Zhao
                Towards Fast and Energy-Efficient Binarized Neural Network Inference on FPGA -  Cheng Fu
3:00 PM   Unconventional Computing with Memory                          Professor Max Di Ventra
                 Machine learning with Memcomputing  - Haik Manukian
3:20 PM   Micromagnetic Modeling & Recording Physics                   Professor Vitaliy Lomakin
             Micromagnetic modeling of nonuniformities in perpendicular magnetic tunnel junctions for MRAM - Iana Volvach
             Computing Excitation States and Resonant Modes in Micromagnetic Systems with a Finite-element Based Frequency Domain Solver  -  Zhuonan Lin
             A fast algorithm to reconstruct 3D object in CXDI based on massively parallel processing  -  Fangzhou Ai
             Landau–Lifshitz–Gilbert Equation (LLGE) Coupled Valet-Fert Theory in Consideration of Spin Hall Effect  -  Xueyang Wang
            THz signals in FeRh excited by a sub-picosecond thermal pulse -  Marco Menarini
5:10 PM   Poster Session
5:30 PM   Reception at CMRR Lobby
6:00 PM Advisory Council Meeting
THURSDAY - March 14, 2019
8:30 AM Continental Breakfast at CMRR Lobby
9:00 AM Chunhui Du, Assistant Professor in Physics - Invited Speaker
                 Control and Local Measurement of the Spin Chemical Potential in a Magnetic Insulator - Chunhui Du 
Magnetic Films and Nanostructures                             Professor Eric E. Fullerton
               Directional growth in Pt/Co/Ni multilayers  -  Jeffrey Brock
               Ultrathin Au/Si hyperbolic metamaterials: from light emission to spintronic applications -  Mohammed El Hadri
               Kenji Nomura Group
                Metal Oxide Nanowire for Next Generation Electronic Devices -  Chi-Hsin Huang 
                   LUNCH - CMRR Lobby

CMRR holds two Research Reviews each year. Attendance is limited to CMRR members and invited guests. Contact Octavio Ochoa at 858-534-6196, for detailed information.

These reviews provide opportunity for data storage technologists from CMRR's sponsor companies to meet each other, and an opportunity to meet CMRR students. The CMRR Advisory Council composed of a representative from each sponsor company also meets at this time to provide feedback on research projects.

Presentations are given to sponsor technologists on CMRR research in recording channels, head and disk magnetic materials and characterization, the mechanics and tribology of disk and tape drives, high-speed high-resolution instrumentation, and recording physics.

The Research Review presentations are available to members of CMRR's sponsor companies per request. Please contact Octavio Ochoa for access. 


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