Sheldon Schultz

Professor Emeritus; In memoriam (1933-2017)

  • Development and implementation of their newly discovered “Left Handed Meta Materials”
  • Experimental demonstration of a negative index of refraction material
  • Designing, fabricating and range testing highly efficient sub-wavelength antennas operating at 1-2 GHz
  • Photonic Band Gap (BPG) structures
  • Plasmon resonant particles (PRPs) as optical transducers for biochemical and clinical medical applications
  • PRP based Kerr Scanning Near-field Optical Microscopy
  • Sub-micron magnetic particles
  • Advanced instrumentation
  • Microwave spectroscopy (CESR, TESR, dilute-local moments, spin glasses, and superconductors)

Professor Sheldon Schultz was a graduate of Columbia University who joined UC San Diego's Physcis department as a professor in 1960. Schultz was the winner of the Alfred P. Sloan Reserarch Fellowship from 1964-1966. Years of success as a professor earned him a position as the Director of CMRR from 1990 to 2000. In 2003 The Sheldon Schultz Prize of Excellence in Graduate Student Research was established in the former director's name as a part of the celebration for the 20th anniversary of CMRR. Professor Schultz's great research work also earned him a spot in Science magazine as No. 8 in "Top Ten Breakthoughs of 2003". From the year 2000 and on Professor Schultz held a position as a research professor of physics here at UC San Diego.